Wednesday, December 12, 2012

First Blog Post.....EVER! :)

Well I finally decided to make a blog. This way it will be easier to post my teasers and updates about my upcoming book Breathe Into Me.


Eighteen year old Kelsey Rien is leaving her past behind and starting anew at college with her best friend, Jessi. Wanting nothing more than to walk into a room without everyone knowing the horrific details of the event that would forever change her life six years ago, she vows to concentrate on school and make something of herself.

Kelsey never expected new friends to come so easily and her heart to stop when she locked sight with a blinding set of grey eyes, a set of eyes that would consume her every waking thought.
Kane Riley has a ladies man reputation. He’s a “loves ‘em and leaves ‘em” type they say, but Kelsey feels drawn to him from the moment they meet. She hasn’t felt the comfort and ease Kane makes her feel in quite some time, so she can’t help but wonder; is there more to the tatted, pierced, motorcycle riding, local bar bouncer than everyone else sees?

She soon learns that you can’t run from your past, no matter how far you go. When Kelsey’s past and present collide, can she be strong enough to save the people she loves the most, or will she be forced to let them go?

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As of right now Breathe Into Me has no set release date, but my plans are for no later then Summer 2013.

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Here in the next few days I will be reposting the 3 teasers I have posted on Goodreads and on my Facebook.

Please keep checking back here for more teasers and updates on Breahte Into Me!! <3


  1. I'm excited to read your blog!! It's not often I meet a fellow Kentucky blogger :)

  2. YAY for your first blog post!! Good luck to you! I'm excited to read what you post!